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Dove Season Opens Sept. 6

Dove season opens Sept. 6, 2014. Click the picture for details.

Dove season opens Sept. 6, 2014. Click the picture for details.

Arkansas’s Dove season opens Sept. 6 this year, kicking off the 2014-15 hunting season. As we get close to that grand day of shooting birds in the field and shooting the bull at the tailgate cookout, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has put together a few reminders to help you stay safe and stay legal while you’re knocking the rust off your shooting skills:

  1. Double-check the date: Federal frameworks will not allow states to open dove season before Sept. 1 each year. The AGFC chose to open Sept. 6 to let hunters enjoy a full opening weekend of dove hunting instead of opening on Labor Day, a Monday.
  2. Be sure your licenses are up-to-date: Migratory bird stamps are not required to hunt doves, but hunters must have a valid hunting license and a valid HIP registration before hunting. Visit www.agfc.com/licenses/Pages/LicensesBuy.aspx to learn the many ways to purchase an Arkansas hunting license.
  3. Check your shotgun to make sure it can hold no more than three shells (including the shell in the chamber).
  4. Make sure to check your dove fields for evidence of baiting and ask the operator or landowner if the area has been baited. A baited field may not be hunted until after 10 days following the complete removal of all bait. Visit www.agfc.com/hunting/Documents/DoveBrochure.pdf to download a brochure detailing all the regulations pertaining to baiting for dove fields.
  5. Try to meet with all hunters using the field before heading out, so that you will be aware of everyone’s location.
  6. Be sure to bring extra water to stay hydrated in the late summer heat that comes with dove season. If you plan to bring a dog to help retrieve downed birds, bring twice as much as you think you’ll need.
  7. Be sure to bring plenty of shells. Dove hunting offers some of the most challenging wing-shooting of the season.
  8. If you’re still looking for a place to hunt, the AGFC has a few managed dove fields throughout the state worth looking into. Visit www.agfc.com/hunting/Pages/PublicDoveFields.aspx to find a dove field near you.

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