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AGFC nature centers are full of great gifts for outdoors enthusiasts.

AGFC nature centers are full of great gifts for outdoors enthusiasts.

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all behind us, but that doesn’t mean the opportunity to grab some gifts for your holiday shopping. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has some of the best gifts for that hard-to-buy outdoors enthusiast on your list, and you’ll be contributing to the state’s wildlife resources at the same time.

Sounds like a deal

Every 3-year subscription to Arkansas Wildlife between now and January 1, 2017, will include a free wireless bluetooth speaker.

Every 3-year subscription to Arkansas Wildlife between now and January 1, 2017, will include a free wireless bluetooth speaker.

What’s even better than a year’s worth of award-winning stories and photography delivered to your door? How about three years’ of entertainment with an added special gift to boot? From now until Jan. 1, every three-year subscription to Arkansas Wildlife magazine will come with a free Bluetooth-enabled wireless speaker sporting the magazine’s title on one side and the AGFC logo on the other. The speaker hooks up wirelessly to any phone or tablet with Bluetooth capability to provide excellent sound-quality to your favorite music and includes a microphone to be able to talk back through it when taking a phone call. One surface of the speaker has a special coating that allows it to cling to glass and other smooth surfaces while playing to keep it out of harm’s way. Just purchase a three-year subscription or three-year gift subscription to Arkansas Wildlife magazine and we’ll ship the speaker to the subscriber’s address.

Click here to order gift certificates for the AGFC's Conservation License Plate.

Click here to order gift certificates for the AGFC’s Conservation License Plate.

Plate up some conservation

It doesn’t matter if your secret Santa is a birdwatcher, bowhunter or both, a gift certificate for an AGFC conservation license plate is the perfect gift to show their love of the outdoors. License plates featuring northern cardinals, black crappie, deer, squirrels and a host of other wildlife species are available at Department of Finance and Administration offices all over the state. Just visit http://www.agfc.com/aboutagfc/Pages/AboutConservationLicensePlates.aspx to purchase as many gift certificates as you need to outfit your friends and family with plates of their choosing. The certificate costs $35, $25 of which is placed into the AGFC Conservation Scholarship Fund to help Arkansas students become the next generation of biologists and conservationists.

Two books for $10

Buy the AGFC's 180-page photo history book and cookbook together for an incredible savings.

Buy the AGFC’s 180-page photo history book and cookbook together for an incredible savings.

While supplies last, the AGFC will be offering it’s 180-page hardcover photo history book, “A Century of Conservation,” and it’s Centennial Cookbook, “A Celebration of Conservation,” together for $10 at AGFC nature centers and the Little Rock Headquarters. You can also cash in on a great deal if you order online at http://www.agfc.com, to get both great books delivered to your door for $13. Act quickly and we’ll throw a 100-year Anniversary Baseball Hat in your order for free.

“A Century of Conservation” is the story of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s first 100 years. Read along and discover how the state went from scarcely more than a few hundred deer to a booming population approaching the million-deer mark, not to mention the comeback of Arkansas black bears, turkeys and elk. Stunning photographs and a few stories you probably haven’t heard make this journal a must-have for anyone interested in the outdoors, hunting, fishing or Arkansas history.

“A Celebration of Conservation” includes some of the AGFC employees’ favorite concoctions of everything from wild game to fancy desserts. Mouth-watering recipes will have your taste buds working overtime and make this cookbook a weekly go-to for your kitchen reading. Visit http://www.agfc.com/store/Pages/Merchandise.aspx to order both books.

Bring the outdoors inside

In addition to the gifts above, the AGFC’s four nature centers throughout the state each have a gift shop full of outdoors-oriented items for the nature lover and die-hard outdoorsperson on your list. Shirts, hats, coffee mugs and a variety of smaller gifts are available at reasonable prices in each center, as well as books and other educational material on the outdoors. While you’re there, take in some of the sights and sounds of the center and ask the staff about some of their excellent programs available to the public throughout the year for free. Everything from photography to nighttime “owl prowls” are possible. Click http://www.agfc.com/education/Pages/EducationNatureCenters.aspx to get started finding a nature center near you.


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Check your WMA deer hunt permit status and pay for your permit by July 20.

Check your WMA deer hunt permit status and pay for your permit by August 6.


ALERT: First WMA Deer Hunt Draw Complete

The first drawing for the AGFC’s WMA deer hunts has been completed. Email notifications were sent out to all successful applicants on July 7. Successful applicants have until 11:59 p.m. August 6 to pay for their permits. All unclaimed permits will be forfeited and will be used for a second drawing for all applicants who were unsuccessful during the first draw. The second drawing will take place August 13. To check your permit status and pay for permits, visit the link below:

Check Status and Pay for WMA Deer Hunt Permit

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Casey Turner of Cushman, Arkansas, was the winner of the 2014 "Talkin' Outdoors" Grand Prize Giveaway.

Steve “Wild Man” Wilson presents Casey Turner of Cushman, Arkansas, his prize from the 2014 “Talkin’ Outdoors” Grand Prize Giveaway.

“Talkin’ Outdoors,” the television program produced by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, is full of valuable information and fun. It’s also giving viewers great prizes for viewing.

Casey Turner of Cushman was the 2014 grand prize. He won a $1,000 lifetime hunting and fishing license, provided by the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas, plus a trip for him and his family to capture and band hummingbirds at AGFC’s Cook’s Lake Conservation Education Center this summer. Casey’s post card was drawn from an estimated 4,000 entries in the contest.

There’s another way for a chance to take home prizes. Follow the AGFC’s Facebook page to learn how to win a Resident Sportsman’s License and a Resident Fisheries Conservation License provided by Academy Sports and Outdoors. Those who win licenses through Facebook automatically will be entered for the grand prize. Watch “Talkin’ Outdoors” in 2015 for a chance to win. Only Arkansas residents are eligible for any prizes.

“Talkin’ Outdoors” airs on KARK and KARZ in Little Rock; KNWA in Rogers; KFTA in Fort Smith; KOZL in Springfield, Mo. and KARD in Monroe, La. Check local listings for broadcast times.

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Don't forget to tag that trophy this weekend.

Don’t forget to tag that trophy this weekend.

What is the one piece of equipment more hunters will forget this opening weekend than any other? It’s not their rifle, treestand, safety harness or hunter orange, but it’s just as important for hunters who successfully score a deer.

It’s an ink pen.

According to Arkansas law, all deer must be tagged with a deer tag provided on the hunter’s license, and that tag must be completed legibly in ink and attached to the ear or antler of the deer BEFORE you move the animal. Not when you get it to the truck or after you’ve field dressed it.

Also be sure to check-in your harvest within 24 hours of harvest by using the AGFC app, website or Telecheck number (1-866-305-0808). After you check the deer, you’ll be given an check number to put on the tag as well.

If you quarter the deer in the woods or at camp or otherwise remove the head, the tag stays with the head and you need to make duplicate tags (called carcass identification tags on Page 28 of the 2013-14 Arkansas Hunting Guidebook) to identify all other portions of your deer while bringing it to the processor or your home.

Good luck out there this weekend. Everyone at the AGFC wishes you a safe, successful deer hunting season. Bring a pen and don’t forget to write.

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